March 25, 2017


Betsy West   


John Hopper WINNER                                                          Mike Pecosh…not today Mike, Sorry!


Lynn Manning guest of Joe Manning
Dan Reitz guest of Christy Bean Rowing also our Speaker

Happy $$$$: 

  • Susan Priest presented award to President Joe from Salvation Army honoring the Club for raising the most money “Ringing the Bell” at Christmas Time; Pet Search website showing Bill Mesler with his new dog!! GREAT
  • Joe Manning thanked the Club (Paula Leppert) for the card celebrating his 5th Anniversary as a Rotarian! Glad you’re with us JOE!
  • Mike Pecosh happy to be recognized as a “visionary” as stated in Betsy’s Invocation because he is a part of Rotary and she pointed out that we all are due to our participation in Rotary.
  • Tom Northrop happy dollar for daughter’s wedding and only a dollar???Guess why!!!  Saga of the  Father of the Bride…
  • Erv Leppert took boxes of food to Bruce McDowell at the new Food Pantry location…they weren’t open but when Bruce saw what was there the doors opened! Great work all the way around.
  • Todd Day happy to become an Uncle for the first time and now his kids have cousins….wonderful since cousins are our first friends.
  • Betsy West happy to announce the Farmer’s Market (of which we are all contributors) will have a $50 drawing on the hottest and wetest days to promote the Market. We can’t wait until it opens….let’s all participate.
  • Ellen Hough happy the Distillery recognized AGAIN as outstanding and a great promotion for our town…Lots of work reaping rewards. Congratulations
  • Tripp Kline thanked all who “answered the call” with $3,000 raised for the “rebellion”l Also the last winter music festival at the President’s Pub is this Thursday at 7:30. Let’s show up and support a good Main Street business as well as the Festival.
  • Christy Bean Rowing $5.00 Happy Dollars to have been in the West End housing area with Wash High students (great experience) and it gave her a renewed enthusiasm for the youth of Washington wanting to make improvements; then a not so happy $$$ as her son wrecked the car and happy to have 2 daughters who are keeping her from killing her son.
  • Joe Marsh just happy to be back from a trip to India and happy to have “regular food” again. This was a true, real cultural experience.
  • Joe Piszczor $5.00 for the music festival – Come and enjoy the “Rebellion” and roadside group for helping out at the Bradford House…many hands make easy work.


Roadside Cleanup: Todd Day thanked the following for volunteering as part of EARTH DAY: Todd, Joe Manning, John Tecklenburg, Rich Podgurski, Joe Piszczor, Tom Steele and his 2 sons (way to train them), Bill Mesler, Bob Wicker, Tripp Kline and Park Burroughs. 20 bags of trash, one Buick hood ornament found along the way and that’s what could be mentioned. “See you all in the Fall” and thank you for the great work Rotarians.

Program: Dan Rietz, Executive Director of the Washington County Council on Economic Development

Today’s speaker was Dan Rietz, Executive Director of the Washington County Council on Economic Development. The organization was founded in 1989 under the leadership of former County Commissioner Max Morgan. Dan became Exed. Director in 2008 and has grown the organization to provide micro-loans to startup businesses large and small. Larger companies expanded into Industrial/Business Parks. The organization is a national lender in this field and has expanded into West Virginia and the future looks as though they will be in Eastern Ohio. A high mark is the business expansion into Star Pointe Business in Hanover Township/Burgettstown Area and Washington County, not Hanover Twp of Beaver County. There are many reasons for this growth including available land, transportation, and airport access along with the 15 minute access to the new Cracker Plant development in Beaver County.
Great work Dan and the objectives are JOBS – JOBS – JOBS. This was good to hear from someone working in the business sector to improve employment and eventual tax revenue to the area.

Some More of the Story

Park Burrouoghs
Most American workers are employed by small businesses. Tens of thousands of them are launched every year and just as many founder and sink. Small Business Administration loans and training help keep many of them afloat.
Dan Reitz, executive director of the Washington Economic Development Corp. was the speaker at Tuesday’s meeting and talked a good deal about how his agency administers SBA loans.
Some would have us believe that the federal government is a bureaucratic quagmire in which wasteful spending is the norm. But the SBA does not fit the stereotype. It has about 3,300 employees and operates on a budget of around $750 million per year.
The agency’s contribution to the nation’s economic health is significant: In 2016, it approved more than 95,000 loans to small businesses, most of them ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.
Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the SBA has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses, according to its website.
Though it was officially established in 1953, its mission began to take shape years earlier in a number of predecessor agencies, largely as a response to the pressures of the Great Depression and World War II.
The Reconstruction Finance Corp., created by President Herbert Hoover in 1932 to alleviate the financial crisis of the Great Depression, was SBA's grandparent. It was adopted as the personal project of Hoover's successor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was staffed by some of Roosevelt's most capable and dedicated workers.
To help small business participate in war production and give them financial viability, Congress created the Smaller War Plants Corp. in 1942.
Congress created another wartime organization to handle small business concerns during the Korean War, this time called the Small Defense Plants Administration.
By 1952, a move was on to abolish the RFC. To continue the functions of the earlier agencies, President Dwight Eisenhower proposed creation of the Small Business Administration.
The last administrator of the SBA was Maria Contreras-Sweet, appointed by President Obama.
President Trump has yet to appoint a new administrator and has proposed a 5 percent cut in the agency’s budget.

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