May 16, 2017

It's not too late to decide to attend the District Conference at the Historic Summit Inn

This is a great way to experience Rotary in a new way. Find out what the other clubs are doing, meet lots of new people and have a fun, relaxing weekend at a beautiful site.
It will be more fun if you are there.

June 2-4


Susan  Priest 


Diane Ambrose can smile
Bill Allison….sorry Bill better luck next week


Aaron Miller/Bill West
Nan Smensky/Tripp Kline
Justin Doubleday/ W&J representative and Erin Jones


  • Susan Priest happy to report the programs for July meeting are booked and the management group at her apartment complex is very efficient…important when your refrigerator dies!
  • Tripp Kline: 10 Happy $$$ after seeing Hamilton in Chicago and we all know what Hamilton means to local history!!
  • Susan Price: happy for a great week in Myrtle Beach with great friends and great weather! Packed it up and brought it back with us.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy to recognize Bill Price on his 35th birthday (he wishes) and HAPPY to know Jim Uram voted for a DEMOCRAT today!! Congratulations….
  • Brandi Butler: happy because she bought a new car and still has a dollar for a HAPPY $$$. Drive in safety and enjoy it!
  • Joe Marzullo: $5.00 worth of happiness to have been out of state with the entire family and in Virginia for his daughter’s commencement….POTUS was the Commencement Speaker.
  • Betsy West: happy the Farmer’s Market opened without rain ONLY during the hours of the Market and there are new vendors this year.
  • Phil Rush: happy for his trip through South Carolina (all the top spots…even beaches) but mostly because Connie was able to walk and enjoy the trip following her hip replacement and she walked 21 miles in 1 day! Oh yes GO PENS!!!
  • Paula Leppert: happy to have survived Virginia for their granddaughter’s recital…this is the 6th  year but the real test of love and caring was to wait for the 19th performer before their “star” appeared!
  • Lynn Galluze: grandson was baptized on Sunday….Congratulations Lynn!
  • Ken Baker: happy 88 people attended the Sunday Jazz Brunch; great food and a fantastic vocalist!
  • Joe Piszczor: happy to support the National Road Festival and the historic events going on in Washington on Saturday and Sunday! Good work Joe


  • John Northrop recognized for his 57 years as a Rotarian….he must have joined when he was 10? Congratulations JOHN!
  • Food Bank: still time to make a personal contribution to Food Bank to help the Club match up to $700.
  • President’s Night: June 6 at the PARK…Volunteers are needed
  • Cash Bash: scheduled for September 9 and plans are moving along…stay tuned.

PROGRAM: Business Incubator

Tripp Kline presented an informative program on the development of Greater Washington Area Business Incubator. This is a public-private partnership between the O-R and W&J to foster new business and non-profits in the Greater Washington Area. The future of the area is on the upswing and this can help to expand the business community.
Job well done Tripp and all involved in this noteworthy project!

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Jun 27, 2017
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