June 27, 2017


Nat Roe…Welcome Back…You’ve been missed!


Mike Pecosh, towards his next crawl?
Bill Mesler…Sorry


The Lovely Lynn Manning escorted by Joe Manning.


  • Susan Priest scheduled to do the Invocation but glad to yield to Nat Roe!
  • Karen Reese: a soggy Shamrock Open but although the course was closed there was a great lunch, lots of “prizes” and her dollar is still soggy from Friday; Raised about $4000 for the Roy Gillespie Foundation
  • Paula Leppert: a mixed dollar between Happy and Sad as this is their last meeting as members; the Card Lady has turned the task over to Mike Pecosh who will take this on as part of the Club Service commitment. Thank you both for taking care of this through back room negotiations!
  • Tom Drewitz: 2 members approached him today with updates on their contact information on Club Runner; if anyone else needs an update please contact Tom. tcdrewitz@comcast.net
  • Phil Rush: granddaughter Jamie participating in the Sarcoma Foundation Walk and her goal was $500…she topped $1100. Congratulations to Jamie and to the entire Rush Family!
  • John Tecklenburg: Thanking all who responded to volunteer at the WRF and he thanked specifically ALL who responded and then thanked those who have NOT volunteered for volunteering as he knows it just slipped their minds! RED ALERT: John still needs volunteers on Saturday for 2 hours at the Information Booth at the Patriots Pavilion…it’s not too late.
  • Bill West: New event this year at the WRF…seems wrong but it isn’t…there will be a Historic Church Service under the main pavilion at 11:00 on Sunday. This will not only be a religious service it will be educational in nature done in the vein of the late 1700s
  • Brandi Butler: leaving for a happy/glorious 10 days in Tennessee. I bet she really needs to get away???
  • Mike Pecosh: happy to have volunteered as the Designated Drinker on Saturday of the Whiskey Rebellion Festival??? Did anyone else know they were recruiting such volunteers?? Well-kept secret perhaps.
  • Joe Piszczor: looking for volunteers to count $$$ or to sell tickets for the Cash Bash while attending the WRF.
  • Bob Hillberry: news that his cardiologist doesn’t want to see him for 6 months….GREAT NEWS
  • Todd Day: Leo’s baseball season has ended except for Leo who was named to the All-Star Team so there goes Summer; but the news and HAPPY news Jake and Simon turned 1 year old and Todd has survived Year 1 of twins!!! Congratulations to everyone in the Day Household…you ALL survived!
  • Joe Manning: not HAPPY Dollars but perhaps Survival Dollars following last week’s sunami…the basement flooded and he had to wait for “help”; then he got a phone call there was a mudslide at the Washington Park Pool and they had just added all of the chemicals the day before (about $8000 worth) and everything had to be drained and start all over again; while waiting at the Park there was a water main break. Nothing he could do about that…went home to cut grass and someone had stolen his lawnmower. The moral of that story….tear out the grass and put green concrete down!
  • Rachel Lozosky: nothing disastrous but it could always be worse! Trainer and horse trailer on I79 and the brakes went on the truck and then on the horse trailer…somehow the driver managed to keep the truck/trailer/horses in line and get off of the road without injury to anyone or any horses. This could have been a major disaster…thankfully NOT!
  • John Hopper: feeling guilty about missing Rotary for several weeks but has pushed that aside for all of the opportunities to volunteer…where does one start? Really John don’t feel a sense of guilt…it will go away after the WRF!!


Dorothy Tecklenburg recognized for bringing in a new member and she thinks it was Ellen…Was it Ellen??
Stand-In President had some Announcements from the Board meeting held last week:
  1. Revise the application process and criteria for the scholarships awarded. Anyone with expertise in this area please contact the Stand-In Pres. Or email him anything you have to add to this.
  2. Rotating tables once a month to get members acquainted with other members…no action as there is no desire to make people feel uncomfortable…think about this once in a while and sit at a different table??
  3. Meal charges were discussed and it was explained this has been a bit of a “fund raiser” as even though members don’t attend they are charged and what isn’t paid to W&J goes to our treasury. At one time there were 93 members and if 45 attended the balance of that money did add up every week.
NO decisions were made at the meeting. This was just to inform the membership of what was discussed and to let the membership know that if there is something they want discussed, possibly changed, please talk with a Board member or email them to raise awareness.
Joe Piszczor was “pitching” the Cash Bash to be held on September 9 at the Main Street Pavilion. Everyone is asked to try to sell 10 tickets and Joe tried to entice people with a “game” as to how to handle people who don’t really want to buy: I don’t believe in gambling; I will be out of town that week; it’s too much money for a ticket. Appropriate responses to come later!

PROGRAM:  Coins and Codes         

PDG TOM URAM presented a shortened version of his informative talk on the extensive process of having commemorative coin ideas presented, designed, redesigned and accepted by Congress. The lead time on this process is at least 3 years and Tom shared with us some of the steps involved with the Commemorative Coin being produced to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Landing.
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