July 11, 2017


Mike Pecosh


Dorothy Tecklenburg was the winner and told Ellen Hough she would willingly split the “winnings”. 


Frank Palermo guest of Mike Pecosh
Curtis Gardner and Matthew Miller guests of Christy Bean Rowing (Wash Hi interns to the City)
Nan Sninsky guest of Tripp Kline for the LAST TIME….New Member!!
Carley DeRose and Will Gladden interns with PONY Baseball


After welcoming members and guests a slight change in routine was announced by Pres-Elect Bill Price and this was due to the formal induction of Nancy Sninsky (aka NAN).
Welcomed to the podium was Nan’s sponsor Tripp Kline and PDG Bob Hillberry who was doing the “honors”. Nan became an official member as only PDG Bob can do emphasizing the contributions of Rotary and the responsibility of Rotarians in society.
Following the ceremony the Club welcomed Nan and Bill reminded everyone about the importance of membership and sponsoring new members. A person is “asked” to join Rotary and attend a meeting or help with a project to decide IF this Club is a good “fit” for them and if so they can then be asked to join. Think about the person who “asked” you to join Rotary!

HAPPY $$$$:

  • PDG Bob happy to induct NAN and also happy about the PR on the street about the WRF.
  • Joe Piszczor happy for NAN and the WRF and the O-R for the great coverage and all who helped at the “FUNdraising Table”
  • Ken Baker happy for Joe, Tripp, and John for their work and contributions to the community; invited all to attend the Canonsburg/Houston/Southpointe Rotary function at Parlay’s this Thursday at 5:00.
  • Susan Priest happy to be back after major surgery and thanked our Weight Loss Challenge for giving her the strength (46 pound loss) to endure the procedure (We wish you the best in total recovery). Susan thanked her Rotary Family, Church Family and Sibling support during this time.
  • Bill Mesler happy for Susan Priest; happy for Christy and Joe for the great parade and HAPPY he made it through the Rebellion.
  • Jim Uram happy for Tripp and Joe and the success of the WRF, “Now work of NO City Taxes”????Really Jim????
  • Ellen Hough thankful and HAPPY for the WRF and the support shown for the Liberty Pole Distillery
  • Brandi Butler happy for her Tennessee trip and the awesome fireworks and NOT embarrassed to wear her PENS gear
  • Tom Uram happy he stumped Susan Priest on a trivia question regarding “How many sides on a coin…not 2 but 3” You count the rim also. Tom again elected to the Board of Governors for the minting and production of coins.
  • John Tecklenburg a special thanks to all of the “nameless” volunteers who make the WRF successful. These are the people who do all of the “unsung things”.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg thanked all of the wives of the WRF leaders for all their husbands do.
  • Joe Marsh happy for and thanked Nat Roe for being here today and being “up and out”.

PROGRAM: PONY League World Series         

Carly DeRose and Will Gladden gave an overview of the PONY League World Series coming August 11-16 and as always the event needs volunteers. For many years, Rotarians have volunteered in the souvenir stand and will do so again this year.
Check your calendars and see when you might be able to work at the stand…2 hour shifts and it is and “easy” spot with NO heavy lifting!
Carly is a graduate of Slippery Rock and is Operations Intern with her focus being on the planning of all events associated with the PONY World Series.
Will is attending Allegheny College (of course he is…) and he assists with the operations for PONY.
The events will include:
  • PONY Picnic at the Washington Park on August 11;
  • Military Appreciation Night on August 15. The Military Support will provide 4 Complimentary Tickets to all veterans, active and non-active.
DICK’s is again the major sponsor for the PONY World Series and they were responsible for all members in attendance receiving complimentary tickets.


August 8 - regular meeting
August 11 - PONY Picnic on Friday sponsored by the Kiwanis and our Rotary Club lending assistance.
SPECIAL THANKS to Betsy West for the notes and to Phil Rush for the photos.
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