October 3, 2017


Susan Priest 


Karen Ree$e, just in time for her trip to Phoenix               Bill Mesler…sorry but your “kids” would spend it in hurry!


Kathy Pienkowsky guest of Diane Ambrose (Today’s Program)

Introductory Thoughts

  • President-Elect Bill Price welcomed our newest members ANDY and JOHN.
  • Dave Hart gave an up-date on Nat Roe and it is suggested that some of the members give Nat a phone call (724-225-1109) because his 24 hour days are very long and he needs that “chat” time.
  • Bill also announced the Podgurski family has welcomed a new grandchild…their son Nate and his wife are thrilled as are Nonnie and Pappa. Congratulations to them all!


  • Susan Priest happy to have her car back and her insurance from her cancelled trip certainly came in handy!
  • Phil Rush happy to say he can see again…just had his second cataract surgery done.
  • Tom Drewtiz happy $$ for the Podgurski Family.
  • Bill Mesler happy for his daughter-in-law flying in with the girls and looking forward to “Lots of Fun” at the Steeler Game and their son is arriving on Friday.
  • John Hopper happy that 250 visitors attended the Open House for the Harmony Life Center last Saturday afternoon and thank you to the O-R for their support.
  • Jim Uram gave $50 after attending his 50th Class Reunion from I.C. High School.
  • Ken Baker happy for the work Betsy West did for the Historical Society fundraiser “Spirits in the Garden” a first and hopefully the first of many more to come.
  • Phil Morrow for the great experience with the Dictionary Project at Claysville Elementary.
  • Mike Pecosh happy xs 4 for Tom Petty and sorry for that loss to the music world; looking forward to trip to Italy, leaving today and will enjoy a glass of wine for ALL in attendance! Safe journey MIKE.
  • Bob Wicker reports that although his daughter is a Junior at PITT she still has and uses her 3rd grade dictionary! Good work Rotarians.
  • Betsy West grateful for the support of “Spirits in the Garden” and all went well with Ellen’s special “Spirits” and with Joe P being as an enactor.


  1. ROADSIDE CLEANUP on October 14; 8:00 at Denny’s for breakfast and 9:00 the Jessop interchange of I-70; the more volunteers the faster the job is completed.
  2. Aaron Wrubleski will begin sign-ups for the water filters…supposed to be today but Aaron couldn’t make it.
  3. Ellen Hough dictionary Diva asked for a few more volunteers for a few schools. Contact the Diva…her contact information is on Club Runner under Active Members! Better yet, stop into the Distillery and maybe pick up a bottle??? Is that an unabashed advertisement? If so, it was inserted by the Secretary NOT Ellen!
  4. Are you getting credit for “YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS”? PDG Tom needs to know. This information is requested by RI in order to judge our value to the community and to Rotary in return…Enter your volunteer hours here!
  5. School Supplies project of $500 will be given to Washington Park Elementary 4th grade teachers to purchase needed items from Brad Montgomery’s business, HIckson’s.
  6. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THESE DATES: The following dates we will meet in the Ballroom NOT in our normal meeting space (Media Room) October 31 for our Club Awards (International, Vocational and Community), November 14 the Combined Service Club Luncheon, December 12 the Washington Community Chorale.
  7. Washington County Community Foundation announced the awarding of a $10,000 grant to our Pavilion Project.
  8. JOE PISZCZOR asking for help moving the new picnic tables to be stored until the next Park Pavilion Season…these are the ones done by the students at the Western Area Career and Technical Center. If you haven’t seen one they are great, heavy and well made.
  9. Any volunteers to help organize and carry the Holiday Party scheduled for December 19?


The Foundation Dinner is being held on November 17 at California University of Pennsylvania in the Convocation Center and this is a Foundation Highlight of the Year. We encourage you to attend and enjoy the program and the fellowship.
In the past some have felt it to be a boring evening….believe me it is NOT.
Last  year’s Dinner was great fun for everyone involved and the meal was well worth the trip to BelleVernon…this is a great time to return to CalU if you attended classes there at any time. Registration will soon be available.
Are you a sustaining member of the Foundation? If so your ticket is $75 and if not $175 with $100 going straight to the Foundation…See Dave Hart for clarification and you can make arrangements to become a sustaining member.


The ANNUAL CANONSBURG-HOUSTON-SOUTHPOINTE Pie Sale is going on and we have been asked to take orders. These pies are really great and do seem to be “HomeMade” and even the resident former Home Ec Teacher has used them!  Varieties are: Apple, Caramel Apple Walnut, Cherry Hi, Very Berry Pi (includes red raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries) all are 10inch. Cost is $13 or 2 for $25 dollars.
ORDERS DUE: November 8
DELIVERY DATE:  November 15 or close to that due to our meetings being Tuesday and theirs Wednesday.

Program: Citizen's Library - Diane Ambrose

Citizens Library has a long history in the City of Washington with its beginnings in what is now Courthouse .Square.
In 1811 the first Library was formed by the PA State Senator Thomas Baird; again when the Library was totally funded and founded by the civic leader Dr. Francis Lemoyne in the new Town Hall in 1870; James Lyon then envisioned the much needed and larger Citizens Library which was built in 1965.
In order to sustain the present Library the Executive Director Diane Ambrose and the Advisory Panel are guiding the annual campaign and have worked to form a Cornerstone Legacy Society in order to secure community-wide support and guarantee a sustainable future.
Three important and essential goals were laid out in the presentation:
  • endow the library's future,
  • fully fund the library staff,
  • and enhance library services for Washington area residents.
It is important to note the Citizens Library is also one of the state's district library centers serving all of the libraries in Washington, Greene and Fayette counties as well as being the office for the Washington County Library System serving 14 local libraries.
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