AUGUST 14, 2018


Susan Price


Susan Priest REALLY Happy Now
Tom Gladden – Sorry Judge


None today... which is really unusual!


  1.  Meeting was held with the new food service provider (Bon Appetite) and it proved to be productive as we discussed menu selections, service needs and their approach to providing meal offerings using local product as well as all fresh from recipes, no preprocessed. Bon Appetite is under contract with W&J and Rotary is under contract with W&J and to that end the costs cannot be increased for 1 calendar year.
  2. Thank you card and note from the family of Nat Roe for the flowers, condolences, and many cards and notes prior to Nat’s passing. It was also noted the family understood the importance Nat held for Rotary in his life. He will be missed.
  3. August is membership month. We need to seek out new members; invite someone to a meeting, Rotary function (Cash Bash) or any of our many community activities. For anyone bringing a guest, we have postcards available from RI thanking the person for their visit and asking them to come back as well as consider Rotary membership. Ask for one and send it to your guest! 
  4.  PDG Hillberry says that the only time you are allowed to say no in Rotary is when you are asked to join! Thank about that….true isn’t it?
  5. REMEMBER the ONLY way you can become a Rotarian is to be asked BY a Rotarian!

HAPPY $$$$$

  • Tom Drewitz: just happy to be here after a few weeks as he was away waiting the birth of a new grandchild and hoping all continues in a positive vein.
  • Dorothy Tecklenberg: is $5.00 happy to be back after mold removal and the cause for her illness; glad to be back home as a vacation is one thing but having to evacuate due to mold is another thing!
  • Angeline East: happy to be back from a great fun vacation at the Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Betsy West  in a Twilight Zone as she went to bed employed as a Northwood associate and then woke up as a Berkshire Hathaway associate and never even had to apply. Could tend to be confusing perhaps but that’s OK Betsy…all is good.
  • Ken Baker: happy to announce the Jazz Society received a $50,000 grant to teach music lessons to under privileged children.  Congratulations to the Jazz Society
  • Susan Priest: $5.00 times HAPPY that Dorothy is back and feeling much better; received a card commemorating her 20thanniversary with Rotary; interesting table combination of 5 lawyers and a “Sue”.
  • John Hopper:  happy to ask…does Betsy get a whole new wardrobe to go with her new position?
  • Justin Dandoy: has been  missing in action, much to do and sharing child care duties with his wife who works at CMU; also very happy to have had the baby christened this past week when she reached 12 weeks. We need Justin to bring the baby to Rotary so that everyone knows she exists!
  • Dave Hart: just attended his 60thClass Reunion and now knows he went to one; reported on Chris Solvesky (prospective member) who was injured in a job related situation and took a serious hit to the head. Chris has complicated injuries effecting his vision and ability to drive (he drives from Youngstown).
  • Lars Lange: happy his father will be here next week and they will head to Germany for their family “bike” ride week. Lars is recruiting people to ride next year when the ride will be from the D.C. to Pittsburgh ride or is it Pittsburgh to D.C.??

PROGRAM: cash Bash

Joe Piszczor and Rich Podgurski gave a thorogh review of What needs to be done for the Cash Bash on September 15. Reminding all that the most important thing is to SELL-SELL-SELL. This selling is not only to provide funds for the Community Pavilion but for the many other projects we always support. There will be references  to the O-R Rebuilding page and WJPA ads will help to sell and keep the public aware of all we do for and with the community.

Remind buyers the price was cut from $50 per person to $30. VOLUNTEERS needed for setup, tear down and a variety of jobs throughout the day. Sign-up and Show-up to volunteer and help this project be successful for ALL ROTARIANS>
If you know Rotarians in other Clubs, sell them a ticket…They are your friends, you can trust them.


“Many hands make light the work”





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