October 31, 2017

Invocation and Pledge:

Mike Pecosh

Program: Annual Service Awards Luncheon

Club President Rich Podgurski Opened the meeting and decided to proceed directly to the program so that the awardees would have ample time for remarks.
The remarks of the nominators and recipients showed that a lot of thought and consideration went into selection of awardees and it was a stimulating and moving presentation.
Thanks to Brandi Butler, she organized event and, as usual, did a stellar job.
After the presentation, some time was still available so Rich called for Happy Dollars which didn't make The Washingtonian and, I believe, that Dr. Elliason won the 50/50!
Below are the recipeints, their nominators and notes.
Roy R. Gillespie Community Service Award
(Includes a Paul Harris Fellow -$1,000 to the Rotary Foundation)


Joe is very active and available to discuss and brainstorm any project that promotes inclusion and the solidification  of the City we live in, he is extremely accessible and always willing to meet.  He excels in performing charitable activities across all social and economic levels. 
In the past 18 months, the City of Washington, with Joe Manning spearheading the project(s) has reached out to Arc Human Services. Through our brainstorming on building these ideal communities we came up with the idea of employing individuals with disabilities who have been having trouble finding work and more impactful, employers willing to give these folks an opportunity. The idea came from Joe to create a training program to get these individuals trained in real-world situations for employment in the community. For the disability community, it fosters hope for our individuals that with the proper training and opportunities that they can be successfully employed in their communities.
Currently Arc Human Services and the City of Washington contract on 3 separate projects. Joe has dedicated a lot of his free time to ensuring that all of the details were met to satisfy the contract. Joe was more than instrumental in ensuring that the employees are paid a fair wage for their work, and they are all paid above minimum wage.
Joe, even though he may not see it, has been a pioneer in these types of programs and is used as a talking point in seminars across the state. Joe simply invested his time, knowledge and energy in this project because he believed it was the right thing to do to help our community, as a whole, grow.
Nominated and introduced by Aaron Wrubleski
Andrew G. Uram International Service Award
(Includes a Paul Harris Fellow- $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation)


Grafton is currently a Professor and Coordinator of Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the Department of Counselor Education and Services, California University of Pennsylvania. He is also an ordained Presbyterian minister in Redstone Presbytery. Grafton has a special interest in pastoral care, counseling, cross cultural studies, spirituality, existentialism, grief and loss. In addition, he has taught classes and published extensively on these various subjects.
He has enjoyed participating in a number of mission trips, and believes that he and his students  gain just as much from their experiences as the people visited. So far, they have worked and studied in India, Peru, Belize, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. They have been able to work in schools, orphanages, homes for the elderly, addiction centers, and have had the opportunity to share experiences with nurses, police, teachers, and students. Grafton continues to volunteer with the Allegheny and Westmoreland Red Cross in crisis response and as a national trainer for Reconnections, which works with military personnel and their families when returning from deployment.
In 2014, the Red Cross awarded him Southwestern PA Hero Educator of the year. 
Grafton received a Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Duquesne University, an M.Ed. in School Counseling from Shippensburg University, an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a BA from Shippensburg University in English Literature and Psychology. He continues to work and has held positions as a (LPC), Nationally Certified Counselor, School Counselor, and he has taught at CAL U, Chatham University, The Citadel, and Duquesne University. 
Nominated and introduced by Michael Pecosh
John L.S. Northrop Vocational Service Award
(Includes a $1,000 grant to the charity of the recipient’s choice.)


David Welker, M.D. is an Orthopedic Surgeon, part of the Advanced Orthopedics Group in Washington PA.
Having graduated from Juniata College and West Virginia University Medical School and continued a specialization in Foot and Ankle surgery in Michigan.
Every year Dr. Welker and his brother, also an Orthopedic Specialist, travel to  Goban on the West Coast of Africa and spends 2 weeks assessing patients and performing surgery at the health/surgical center built and supported by the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons.
While doing this important work they are also training and mentoring native medical staff in order for them to continue the appropriate medical care. Once state side this training continues with the aid of skype and teleconferencing.
Dr. Welker approaches his patients with a sense of respect and enthusiasm while outlining step-by-step, week-by-week what is necessary for their recovery, all the while teaching them how to move, what to expect and how to handle what they may experience.
The dedication is apparent, the humility is evident and this is all done without expectations other than improving the lives of others whether in Goban or Washington Pennsylvania.
Nominated and introduced by Susan Price
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