November 7, 2017


Susan Price


Rich Podgurski Winner in many ways                                            Phil Rush always a winner but NOT today!


Debbie Dye guest of Dorothy Tecklenburg
Emily Bittner our Outbound Exchange Student from last year

HAPPY $$$: 

  • Jim Uram happy to have a great trip to the Breeders Cup in Sunny DelMar California
  • Joe Manning: informed the group on today’s water issue  in Washington County and water buffalos available in the Washington Park and in several other locations in the Greater Washington Area. Did anyone ever notice how Joe is the one who deals with crisis situations? Main Street collapsed building, Washington Park Swimming Pool (twice) and now the Water Situation??? Oh yes and he ran for re-election today.
  • Erin Jones: hoping water issue is very temporary and thank you Erin and don’t we all?
  • Bill West: went to vote and in discussion people at the polls were talking about the greatness of the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and the Farmer’s Market (loved the fireworks). We are all fortunate to have contact with these projects.
  • Kathy Sabol: happy about the upcoming 17th Annual Sister-to-Sister gathering for 6th grade girls. This is being held November 18-19 at Citizen’s Library where it is a “Lock In” and Kathy is thankful for Mary Jo Podgurski…what a team!
  • Tripp Kline: happy Park gave him a dollar last week (who chipped in this week).
  • Nan Sninsky announced TRIPL program on World Peace Day being held November 20 from noon to 3PM with award international peace negotiator and conflict management experts from Belfast Ireland. RSVP by November 13 to 724-223-5115.
  • Susan Price: happy for bottled water and that we are not experiencing 95 degree heat and we do have heat, electricity and this situation is temporary.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: says John is working the polls in Amity today and she is happy to have reconnected with her friend Debbie…friends a number of years ago, hadn’t seen one another for years and HAPPILY the Giant Eagle is a place to run into people from the past.
  • Bill Mesler: happy to be stocked with about 15 gallons of water and about 200 days’ worth of food…why? If water situation drags on we will meet at Mesler’s.
  • Susan Priest: happy children now know about Polio and Literacy due to the Dictionary Project.
  • Rich Podgurski: had a birthday (don’t we all) and he was happy to get the Birthday Greetings from the Club.


  1.  November 14 – Inter Club event in the Ballroom
  2. November 17 – Rotary Foundation Celebration at the Cal U Convocation Center; this is a great evening and it is something everyone should TRY to attend
  3. December 9 – Bell ringing for the Salvation Army; see Jim Uram to schedule a time; Starbuck’s entrance to Giant Eagle.
  4. December 19 – Christmas Party at Lone Pine Country Club; JIM URAM and JOHN QUALE in charge and there is NO regular meeting that day
  5. Aaron Wrubleski announced funds raised will purchase 153 Water Filters. GREAT effort Aaron but there is still time. See Dave Hart he will always take your money and make you feel good about it!

PROGRAM: Emily Bitner - Youth Exchange

Emily Bittner from McMurray was our outbound exchange student to Taiwan from August, 2016 until June, 2017.
The question Why Taiwan? And Emily said she wanted something extremely different from the culture to which she has become a part of and she did succeed.
She presented a great program and spoke of the experiences with her 3 host families, school and a totally different culture. While not understanding or speaking the language she learned and her “little sister” spoke flawless English.
Emily attended Yongchun Sr. High School along with other exchange students from Brazil, France and other parts of the US.
We wish Emily well as she continues her education hoping to transfer into a Graphic Design program. Oh yes, Rotarian Dorothy Tecklenburg tried out her Chinese on Emily and it worked!
Thank You Emily and best of luck to you.
As usual, many thanks to Bill and Susan Price for the notes from the meeting.
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